Jumbl™ Collapsible Gel-Freeze Cooler Drink Bottle

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  • Quick-Freezing Gel Keeps Your Drink Cold for 2 Hours
  • Forms Proper Drinking Bottle w/Quality Cap When Frozen
  • Flexible Plastic Easily Collapses When Gel is Defrosted
  • Holds 14 Ounces of Water, Iced Tea, Juice, or Sports Drink
  • Features Double-Reinforced Hanging Hole for Strap


When Gel Freezes Over...
The quest is common: You're out hiking with the guys under a merciless sun, and your drinks don't take too kindly to the heat. When you reach for your water bottle, you discover a warm variety of your previously cool drink. How to keep it cold longer? Choose the Jumbl Gel-Freeze Cooler Drink Bottle. Sporting a built-in re-freezable gel pack, it keeps drinks cold and treks fun.

Holds a lot. Takes up little.
At capacity, our gel-freeze bottle can hold 14 fluid ounces of your water, iced tea, juice or sports drink. The firmness of the frozen gel gives it structure and form when you want to drink from it, but it can also perform another neat trick. When the gel thaws, the flexible food-grade plastic softens up again and easily collapses flat. This makes it easy to carry, as it takes up less space and weighs less than a hard-form bottle.

Proper Drinking Cap
Now before you run off thinking that our collapsible bottle feels like those kiddie drink pouches, have a closer look at the images above. The Jumbl Gel-Freeze Cooler Drink Bottle is outfitted with a better cap than most regular drinking bottles: The twist-off cap gives it a solid feel; the pull-top spout ensures it won't leak; and the removable spout cover keeps germs and dirt away.

A Combination of Clear & Colored
Although the actual gel has its own color, we designed the bottle to be see-through. This allows you to identify your drink and see how much of it you have left. You can also choose from six different and vibrant gel colors: Pink-Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. The color of the gel does NOT affect its freezing properties. They all harden fully in just an hour and remain frozen for two hours.

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