Jumbl™ World Time Travel Alarm Clock Digital LCD Backlit Screen w/LED Torch Flashlight, Full Year/Month/Date/Day Calendar, Timer Function, Temperature Display & More

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  • Lightweight Portable Alarm Clock w/18 Time Zones

  • Diverse Collection of 16 Selectable Wakeup Melodies

  • Backlight Display: Time, Calendar, Timer, Temperature

  • Bright Flashlight: 3 LEDs Rated at Thousands of Hours

  • Handy, Removable, Washable Wrist/Hanging Strap


Your everyday alarm clock. With a twist.
Every second device can tell time these days. But few feel so much at home when moved out of their comfort zone. Jumbl's nifty little world time travel alarm clock one-ups most clocks and watches by knowing its time and place virtually anywhere across the globe. Its 18 time zones are readily accessible by a simple twist of a dial, which is cleverly integrated into the clock's tubular form factor. No other adjustments are needed, as the time is updated automatically when a city is selected on the dial. Your stored wakeup time also adjusts without missing a beat, making sure you don't miss local breakfast.

Okay. So it's smart. But is it bright?
You bet it is. On the other end of the unit, directly opposite the time zone dial, you'll find a neat cluster of 3 LED bulbs that collectively serve as an on-demand emergency flashlight. In addition to their super-long lifespan - the LEDs are rated at tens of thousands of hours - they are impressively bright for such a lightweight and pocketable device. The LEDs also draw very little power, and don't cause a great drain on your batteries. The built-in digital display receives its own light source, which can be activated at the press of button. The backlight is cool blue in color, and shuts off automatically after 3 seconds.

It Really Does Sweat the Details
Not sure if you packed the correct clothing for the local weather? This Jumbl alarm clock can also tell you what the ambient temperature is - in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. And that's just one of its numerous additional features. What else's it got? 16 preprogrammed, selectable wakeup melodies, a perpetual calendar that's displayed in full year, month, date and day, a selectable 12/24-hour time display format, and a handy countdown timer function.

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