Jumbl™ JUMMINILED Super Bright Gooseneck Desk Lamp

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  • Card-Sized Multi-Purpose Work Lamp
  • 6 Powerful LEDs w/Adjustable Brightness
  • Flexible Gooseneck Tube Doubles as Handle
  • Integrated, Coil-Around USB Charging Cable
  • Amazingly Thin at Just 0.25 Inches


Thin and Bright. And Smart. This credit-card-sized lamp weighs less than the average household bulb, yet packs 6 super-bright long-life LEDs that make it the perfect portable light source. These LEDs also feature 3-level brightness adjustability by short-pressing the flush power button. After you select your preferred brightness, the Flash Fold by Jumbl will remember that setting when you turn it on the following time. It's Got It's Own Connections Another amazing feature we somehow managed to fit into the clever design is an integrated USB charging line. When not needed, the cable coils around the Flash Fold's rim and the end tucks into a hidden groove. Flip it out to get a charge supply from any computer's USB port, a portable power bank, or a wall outlet via an adapter. The built-in 80mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges fully in just an hour and can then run for 2 hours straight. Grab It by the Neck To allow maneuverability of the lamp head, a flexible gooseneck tube connects the LED casing to the rest of the device. Arguably the coolest feature of the Flash Fold, this gooseneck doubles as a nifty and highly useable handle to carry the lamp when it is not in use.

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