Configure Jumbl Flameless Everlasting Pillar Dimmable LED Candle, Flamelike Contemporary Vintage Style Blow Lamp Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Perfect for Patio Use, Bar, BBQ, Camping, etc. - Royal Blue Base

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  • Turn Lamp On/Off with a Simple Blow

  • Single Dimmable 3W Energy-Saving Bulb

  • 8 Continuous Hours on Single Charge

  • Built-In Rechargeable 1200mAh Battery

  • 31.5" USB to Mini-USB Cable Included


There are few things that are as integratable into an anniversary dinner as they are into a toolshed. Our throwback yet innovative LED blow lamp is one shining example.

Designed to resemble real-flame oil lamps of pre-electricity times, the Jumbl™ version is made of high-quality ABS plastic, acrylic and polystyrene, and uses a single dimmable, 3- watt, energy-saving LED bulb. Charging the built-in 1200mAh battery is simple with the included USB to mini-USB cable that connects to a computer, a portable power bank or a wall socket adapter. A red LED will indicate that the unit is charging. After a 5-hour charging session, the lamp can run for more than 8 hours straight.

So how do you turn it on and off?

Aha! That's where the magic happens. Make sure the power switch is set to the on position, and simply blow into the top of the plastic chimney. The lamp will turn on immediately at the lowest brightness setting, with the approximate light output of a single candle. Increase the output to your desired brightness by turning the ever-so-authentic-feeling rotary dimmer. At maximum brightness, the lamp can serve as a multi-purpose, super-bright light source for a life of both work and play.

Consider this: You were using the Jumbl™ LED Blow Lamp to set the mood on date night, and promised at the table to build her a boat. No worries. Set it to maximum brightness and take it with you to the woodshop.

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