AirMobi iPower2 6600mAh Charger & Backup Battery Pack

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  • Lightweight & Compact: Fits Into Pocket & Carries Easy
  • Powerful: 6600mAh Capacity w/Quick-Charge Feature
  • Dual USB: 1.0A + 2.1A; Charge Two Devices Simultaneously
  • Efficient: Charge Phone Five Times, Tablet Almost Twice
  • Includes: iPower2, Micro-USB Cable, Manual - Apple Adapters Not Included


The 21st century has us all surrounded with a multitude of mobile devices and gadgets that are more power-hungry than we are. So when on the go, it often seems like you need a steady supply of juice for your phone, tablet, mp3 players, camera and other digital tools. Thankfully, the AirMobi iPower2 by Jumbl is more than up to the task. At its core sits a large-capacity 6600mAh backup battery pack that turns into a reliable portable power bank when you need it most.

Charging the iPower2 is easy with the included micro-USB cable. Simply plug it into a computer USB port or connect it to a wall outlet with an adapter. It soaks up power until its full, and can then provide you with the following charging figures:

- 5 Empty-to-Full Charges for iPhone
- 3 Empty-to-Full Charges for Galaxy S4 etc.
- 1.5 Charges for iPad and Other Tablets

Dual USB ports allow you to juice up two devices simultaneously, and the output for each port is marked right next to it. One is rated at 1.0A and the other is 2.1A. The 2.1A port features rapid-charge capabilities, which means that you can recharge your device twice as fast as it would take through conventional charging methods. Need to know how much power is left at a glance? Press a button on the side of the iPower2, and a string of cool blue LEDs inform you of the battery pack’s current reserve levels.

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